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 possibility and certainty

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تاريخ التسجيل : 06/02/2009
العمر : 26

MessageSujet: possibility and certainty   Sam 28 Fév - 13:28

عند ما نعبر عن شيء نحن متؤكدين من وقوعه نستعمل العبارات التاليةExpressing Certainty

Yes, I'm certain.
Of course.
I'm positive my grandmother repairs the car.
She must be excellent at mechanics.
I'm absolutely sure.
It's certain that she is a good mechanic.
عند ما نعبر عن شيء لسنا متؤكدين من وقوعه بل هو محتمل أن يقع ومحتمل أنه لن يقع نستعمل العبارات التاليةExpressing Probability

It is probable that my grandfater repairs the car.
I guess he is fit for the job.
I bet my grandmother is better than he is.
I expect / suppose they are good mechanics.
I dare say / should say / presume they know what they should do.
She may have repaired the car while you were out.
Ali may come any minute.
Maybe / perhaps the problem won't be serious.
It will probably rain this evening.
I'm likely to do the work myself.
عند ما نعبر عن شيء غير محتمل الوقوع نستعمل العبارات التاليةExpressing Expressing Improbability

No, probably not.
I don't suppose my grandfather repairs the car.
I doubt my grandmother does, either.
S/he is unlikely to repair the car.
I don't think they can repair that car.
I'd be surprised if s/he repaired the car.
It's unlikely s/he will repair the car soon.
عند ما نعبر عن شيء نحن شبه متأكدين من وقوعه نستعمل العبارات التاليةExpressing Expressing Possibility

My grandmother may repair the car.
Maybe she will repair it.
Perhaps she will repair it.
Possibly, she will repair it.
It's possible she will repair it alone.
She might repair it.
I suppose she might repair it.
There's a chance she'll repair it before sunset.
عند ما نعبر عن شيء أستحالة أو مستحيل وقوعه نستعمل العبارات التاليةExpressing Expressing Impossibility

No, it's impossible.
She can't possibly repair it.
I'm sure she doesn't repair it.
She definitely doesn't repair it.
She certainly doesn't repair it.
There's no way she repairs it
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possibility and certainty
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